Registered members are invited to upload usies taken at our shows. A group selfie is officially called an ‘usie‘ (rhymes with ‘fussy’). An ‘usie‘ is where someone takes a picture of themselves with other people in the shot. Please feel free to leave comments on this page!

Please remember…

The person that took the picture must be in the picture.

Tap or click on the pic to speed through.

4 thoughts on “USIES”

  1. Saw the show last night at Lakeland RV resort. Brett was awesome. Bunch of great songs. Especially love Dwight Yoakam songs he did. Danced and sang along to almost every song. Told Patti it was like he had me write his set list. Can’t wait to see them again.

  2. Best nite ever (Sept. 6 2015 Olympia Village). Saw lottsa birthday love. Thank you for that!!!! Had so much fun and cant wait to do it again. Thanks Patti and Brett for an AWESOME nite. Y’all rock!!!!

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