Patti’s Tasty Pudding Shot Recipe


What you will need:

1 Box JELLO French Vanilla Pudding Mix

1 cup cold 1% milk

1 cup Buttershot Liqueur (Butterscotch Schnapps)

1 tub (8oz) of regular Cool Whip (room temp)

1 fork, 1 soup spoon, 1 bowl and 1 measuring cup

How to prepare:

Step 1: Empty pkg of pudding mix into bowl

Step 2: Pour milk and Buttershot into bowl

Step 3: Whisk together until smooth, no lumps or bumps!

Step 4:  Whip cool whip in tub till smooth, then fold into bowl mixture, mix until silky smooth texture, no lumps no bumps!

Step 5: Using a rounded soup spoon, scoop into 2oz shot cups. This makes around 25-30 cups, depending how full you want to put them.

Step 6: Put lids on and place in freezer till ready to serve

Step 7:  Don’t forget the most important step………lick the spoon, lick the fork and lick the bowl!  And don’t share, you earned it!


  1. Place cool whip on counter for a good hour or leave in refrigerator over night before using, much easier to blend when cool whip isn’t frozen.
  2. I use a fork to whisk pudding mix, I also found using a rounded soup spoon worked the best.  I tried everything including cake mixing tools, very messy.  This was the least amount of mess, time and clean up. Don’t want to miss happy hour!
  3. Publix Liquors is always fully stocked with the Buttershot Liqueur
  4. As for the cups and lids, Party City or, cheaper on amazon, you can get 500 cups with lids for about $21. If you have never done amazon, you can join and use free trial for prime shipping and get shipment in two days.
  5. I use $2 storage containers from Walmart, it fits 44 2oz cups with lids and stores easily. 11 Stacks, 4 high.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do making them and handing them out.  And don’t forget to tell people as you are handing them out that they have to use their tongues, no spoons or fingers allowed! Patti’s rules!

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  1. Thanx Patti ..they were great..we had them at your show in Hawaiian Isles (Ruskin FL.) last Friday. Will be sharing some with family and friends back home in Apple Hill Ontario!!!! Cheers.

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