For our clients, we have a “Brett & Patti Media Box“. There you will find various crops of digital media to use on your newsletters and social media. All we ask is that you “Maintain The Aspect Ratio” when using this media (PLEASE DO NOT stretch the picture).

We understand that high quality production plays an essential role in creating a successful music event. We use only the latest technology in sound and lighting equipment to perform for our clients. We want the best for our clients. We come prepared… EVERY TIME.

We like to make the most of a good time, but you can’t be too careful. Accidents can happen. Liability can be costly. A lot of our customers appreciate that we are fully insured. A “Certificate Of Insurance” will be issued upon request to any of our clients that may require it.


All Ontario show purchases will be subject to HST (13%) sales tax. And applicable HST in other Canadian Provinces.

Our contracts are designed with the option to be digitally filled out and Electronically Signed. There is no need to print them off to sign them. You can just fill them out on your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone, and sign with FREE Adobe Reader DC, then e-mail the contract back to us with your GMAIL Account.


We have displayed our contact info below for business purposes only. Please respect our policy.


(289) 284-0578 – CANADA – ALL YEAR LONG

(941) 243-0161 – USA – NOV 14 2017 – APRIL 27 2018