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All about the Florida Show, Fan’s, Friends and some down right goofy things we experience down there.

Xmas 2017 Concerts

Florida Christmas Concerts Dec. 2017

We had the best Christmas Concert Series ever! What a blast! The stage worked. Our outfits worked. And the new 60 minute Concert rocked with Classic to Modern Christmas tunes. What a hit! It all came together this year.

If you are a talent buyer, interested in bringing something special to your venue in December, we urge you to look through our pic’s and video below to see what your guests could be missing out on. We make it easy and affordable. Contact Us.

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Kicking Off Our 2017/2018 US Tour With A Bang!

Maple Leaf Golf & Country Club

Port Charlotte, Florida.

What a Night!

Here are just a few highlights to our fun filled evening at Maple Leaf Golf & Country Club Hootenanny 2017. A special thank you to our hosts of the evening Rob & Pat, we appreciated the warm hospitality that you gave us upon arrival. Also a thank you goes out to the rest of the committee who helped make the evening a huge success! And we are looking forward to the Hootenanny 2018! This was a SOLD OUT show!

Manatee RV Park December 2016

Well…. our first show of the season was amazing!  We had a fabulous night at Manatee RV Park last night (Dec.10/16) and we want to thank EVERYONE  who came out to support us.  A special thanks to Vicki & Ron for they’re great hospitality and for welcoming us into the park. We met a lot of great people last night and you are all welcome to come out to any of our open to the public venues.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


We have been re-booked at Manatee RV Park for Jan. 13 2018 for another Country Dance!

We have arrived!

Hi everyone!   We just want to let everybody know that we have arrived in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida, WAHOO! …… We had a safe and fast trip, only to be welcomed home by our Florida family at Frog Creek!  We would like to take this time to thank all of our Canadian fans and family for making this past year a success!  Thank you for your support and for coming out and having fun with us.  We know some of you traveled great distances to be with us, you know who you are, and it meant the world to us!  Special thanks to Donna & Dave, Donna hang in there only another 4 months to go …. LOL We will miss you all and will see you in the new year!

Brett and I are now preparing for our busy winter season and are looking forward to seeing all of our Florida fans and also the new ones that we will make this season!

Florida 2015/16 Season

Well we have made it back to Canada safely!  To all our Florida fans, family and friends, we will miss you all!  Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and help make our season a successful one! We have met so many great people on our travels and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next season (2016/17).  And we would also like to make special mention of our Frog Creek Family… Thank you so much for welcoming us into your winter home and making us a part of your fantastic Frog family! We wish everybody safe travels home and can’t wait to see you all next season. Here are just a few great memories from this season!